Pencak Silat Vector


Pencak Silat Vector

Polak Silat as Indonesian Martial Self Mistory is required to be preserved by the younger generation. Elders and swlator of a silat pole while who can no longer give science through practice directly due to the limitations of age. For that, the Silat advertisement needs to governance from the young classmate recalling the Silat adolator is also an indigenous Indonesian cultural heritage that should not be claimed and recognized by other countries.

The development of silat adapt as a sport and martial arts has been a lot to develop abroad. Many escalations of international silates. The container of the World Silat The administration of the World is a shrimp that oversees more than a thousand colleges of the world.

This fact is inversely proportional to the development of the Silat in the country. The many people who prefer to study the alien mallant that is not necessarily better than the Silat Pluem. Not to be protest to ban for studying overseas martial arts, but Alagkah is better if you study the martial arts of Silat first. Silat is not an outdated martial arts. Properly martial arts, silat also follows the development and demands of the age but does not eliminate the original engineering and movement.

We who claim to be the Indonesian nation is required to keep all Indonesian culture, including pole of electric silat. Learn and peculect the Silat Head as the people used to do the Dutch colonial times.

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